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The DSV-3 is a premium medium size heavy duty Alt-Az mount, offering a sizeable load capacity in a
portable package. For the astronomer looking for a high quality Alt-Az mount capable of high power
tracking and capable of handling a variety of eyepieces and accessories, the DSV-3 is loaded with
features to provide the user maximum control and comfortable observing. Just check all that the
DSV-3 has to offer (mounts in pictures may be shown with optional upgrades):

Twin dovetail clamps (saddles)
• Enjoy side by side views of the same target through two different telescopes.
• Choose the side that best fits your scope and maximizes your comfort.
• Non-marring jaws hold your scopes securely and without scratching the dovetail bar.
• The dovetail clamps in the DSV-3 can be collimated so the 2 scopes point at the same object.
• Standard-sized dovetail clamps make it easy to swap your scope between an EQ mount and the
• Vixen-style dovetail clamps are included standard in the DSV-3 price, can be upgraded to  
Losmandy/CGE-compatible at additional cost.

Geared lock-less slow motion controls
•  High reduction ratio for precise motion control and high power tracking.
•  No need to unlock/lock the axes every time you move the mount from one object to another.
•  Full circle gears, no need to reset the mechanism.
•  Large knurled knobs, easy grasp even when wearing gloves.
•  Knobs are located on the front of the mount, within easy reach of the user.
•  Spring loaded worm mechanism to minimize backslash.
•  On-the-fly adjustable clutches to match the slow motion controls to the load on the mount.

Quick Balancing System (QBS)
•  Complete balancing of the mount in both the front/back and up/down direction.
•  Balance heavy accessories such as binoviewers, large EPs, etc
•  Simply slide the balancing weight to compensate for the different EPs in your set.  
•  QBS can be installed on the right or left side dovetail clamp.
•  Can be attached to your scope’s tube rings for double scope operation.
•  Easy to see markers are provided to identify the balancing point of the different  EPs in your set.
•  Tool-less installation & setup
•  Easy to remove for transportation or storage.

Convenience Features
•  Altitude brake for easy eyepiece changes.
•  Bubble level for easy mount setup.
•  Guiding handle included in the price, not an expensive add-on.
•  Built-in column provides clearance for long optical tubes.

Upgrades Available
•  Encoder system for use with (user supplied) Sky Commander DSC.
•  JMI Train N' Track trainable drive system (motorized slow motion controls)
•  Losmandy/CGE compatible saddles.
•  Smartphone bracket
•  White powdercoat finish instead of standard black

Top Notch Construction
•  CNC machined from 6061 Aluminum. No castings or welded parts used.
•  Massive ball bearings used in both axes for smooth motions and long term reliability.
•  Custom Aluminum knobs, knurled for easy grip even when wearing gloves.
•  Stainless Steel fasteners used throughout, for lasting good looks and corrosion resistance.
•  Proudly made in the USA.

•  Dimensions:
12-1/2" H (16-1/2" with DSC installed)
10-1/2" W (15" with QBS installed)
4" D (5-1/4" with encoders option installed)
•  Weight: 12 lb 8 oz (standard head)
•  Tripod fitting: your choice of 3/8-16, 1/2-13 or 5/8-11.
•  Finish: satin black powder coat.

Recommended Payload
The DSV-3 is recommended for refractors up to 1000f/l, 20lb in weight, Schmidt-Cassegrains and
Maksutov-Cassegrains up to 28lb in weight. A properly sized tripod that can carry the combined
weight of the mount, the telescope(s) and accessories must be used.

• Mount head with standard saddles: $745.00 + $20.00 Shipping within CONUS
• Encoder system for user-supplied DSC (includes DSC bracket): add $280.00
• JMI Train N' Track trainable drive system: add $320.00
• Losmandy/CGE-compatible saddles upgrade: add $30.00 per side.
• Smartphone bracket: add $40.00
• Adapters for flexible slow motion cables (slow motion cables not included): add $30.00
• White powdercoat finish upgrade: add $40.00
• Heavy Duty Surveyor style tripod: $180.00 + $20.00 CONUS shipping (click
here for more details).
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Tel. (602) 550-4331
Note: all shipping costs are for deliveries within continental US, for other
locations, please provide shipping address for customized quote.