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Geared lock-less slow motion controls
•  High reduction ratio for precise motion control and high power tracking.
•  No need to unlock/lock the axes every time you move the mount from one object to another.
•  Full circle gears, no need to reset the mechanism.
•  Large knurled knobs, easy grasp even when wearing gloves.
•  Knobs are located on the front of the mount, within easy reach of the user.

Quick Balancing System (QBS)
•  Complete balancing of the mount in both the front/back and up/down direction.
•  Simply slide the balancing weight to compensate for the different EPs in your set.  
•  QBS can be installed on the right or left side dovetail clamp.
•  Can be attached to one of the scope’s tube rings for double scope operation.
•  Easy to see markers are provided  to identify the balancing point of the different  EPs in your set.
•  Tool-less installation & setup
•  Easy to remove for transportation or storage.

Twin dovetail clamps (saddles)
•  Enjoy two different views of the same object side by side.
•  Choose the side that best fits your scope and maximizes your comfort.
•  Non-marring jaws, to hold your scope securely and without scratching the dovetail bar.
• The dovetail clamps in the DSV-2b can be collimated so the 2 scopes point at the same object.
• Vixen-style dovetail clamps make it easy to swap you scope between EQ mount and the DSV-2b.
• The dovetail clamps are included standard in the DSV-2b price.

Convenience Features
•  Altitude and azimuth brake for easy eyepiece changes.
•  Bubble level for easy mount setup.
•  Guiding handle included in the price, not an expensive add-on.
•  Built-in column provides clearance for up to 102mm f/7 refractors.

Top Notch Construction
•  CNC machined from 6061 Aluminum. No castings or welded parts used.
•  Oversize ball bearings used in both axes for smooth motions and long term reliability.
•  Custom Aluminum knobs, knurled for easy grip even when wearing gloves.  No cheap plastic
knobs used here.
•  Stainless Steel fasteners used throughout, for lasting good looks and corrosion resistance.
•  Made in the USA.

•  Dimensions: 11 1/2" H x 8" W x 4" D.
•  Weight: 8 lb 10 oz (5 lb without the QBS)
•  Tripod fitting: your choice of 3/8-16 or 5/8-11.
•  Finish: satin black powder coat.

Recommended Payload
The DSV-2b is recommended for refractors up to 102mm F/7, Schmidt-Cassegrains up to 8",
Maksutov-Cassegrain up to 6" in aperture. This assumes the tripod used can carry the
combined weight of the mount, the telescope(s) and accessories being used
Contact information:
1625 E Villa Theresa Dr, Phoenix AZ 85022
Tel. (602) 550-4331
Note: all shipping costs are for deliveries within continental US, for other
locations, please provide shipping address for customized quote.
In 2010 we introduced the DSV-2, our first mount with slow motion controls and full balancing
capability. The DSV-2 has been a hit with stargazers looking for a premium small Alt-Az mount, many
of whom have written us telling how much they enjoy using their mount.

However, at Desert Sky Astro we believe in continuous improvement and never stop looking for ways
to make our products better. Now we have taken a great mount and made it even more capable and
user friendly: we proudly introduce the DSV-2b.

New features and design updates:
* Adjustable clutches (similar to the DSV-3), allow adjusting on the fly the clutches to match the load   
and the user preferences.
* Larger gears and clutches, for finer slow motion control and more stability.
* Brakes in both axes, new internal brake design.
* Second generation dovetail clamp alignment mechanism, with more adjustment range and easier to
* Optional high resolution encoder system available.

This in addition to its premium standard features:
* Dual collimatable non-marring Vixen-style saddles
* Geared lock-less slow motion controls
* Comprehensive Quick Balancing System (QBS)
* Panning handle
* Built in bubble level
* Custom machined aluminum knobs - not cheap plastic ones.
* CNC Machined from Aluminum and assembled with Stainless Steel fasteners.

* DSV-2b mount head (includes QBS): $495.00 plus shipping.
* Optional encoder system (includes DSC bracket): $280.00
* JMI Train-N-Track trainable drive system (includes installation): $320.00
* White powdercoat finish instead of standard black: $30.00
* Pair of adapters for flexible knobs (flexible knobs not included): $30.00
* Extra weight for QBS: $25.00 plus shipping

See below for a more detailed description of the features of the DSV-2b